All of my kittens have had this supplement added to their diet since
birth.  A starter kit will be sent with your new baby and literature.  You
will receive your order within 3 days of ordering. This product helps
establish their immune system, as it is not fully developed until 2 years
of age.  Please click on the above link for ordering information.
Updated March 9, 2015
These kittens are  purchased as pets and family members.  They are to be
provided with love, a healthy diet and veterinary care  throughout their

Kittens may be spayed or neutered prior to placement and have at least
2-3 sets of vaccinations.   Contact me for a copy of my companion kitten
contract and guarantees.

Prices start at $600.00

We accept pickups or delivery in person.  We are located West of St. Louis,

If you are within partial driving distance, I can meet you.  Nominal
charges will apply for gasoline.

Check back often!
(I don't often have Siamese Kittens anymore. Occasionally, we
 may have Siamese Look Alikes available that are Orientals)
Red Spotted Male  Born 6-25-15
Solid Ebony Female Born 6-25-15
Solid Chestnut Female Born 6-25-15
Pet Kittens for loving companions